Club Championship

Championship Overview.

The Campbelltown Joggers Club Championship is contested over a series of nine monthly races commencing in February each year and finishing with the final race in October. The races are held on the fourth Sunday of the month.

Points are awarded to all qualified finishers in each race and at the end of the series of nine races the best seven results of each competitor are used to determine the finishing order in the Championship. To qualify to score championship points you must be a financial member of Campbelltown joggers Club and have completed two qualifying races (5km and 10 Mile events are included as qualifying runs) to allow the handicappers to assess your running ability and apply a fair handicap to your time.

There are two types of start that we use in the Championship, Staggered Start and Mass Start with these starts being alternated each month. With the Staggered Start all runners start off their handicap time with the slowest runners starting first and the quicker runners starting last. With a Staggered Start the order that you cross the finishing line determines your finishing order (subject to being qualified) this usually creates a close finish where most of the runners will finish within a minute. With a Mass Start all runners start at the same time and this creates a straight out race to the finish. The finishing order will not determine the race result, once all competitors have crossed the finish line handicaps will be applied to all of the runners times to determine the race result.



Championship Winners


Club Championship Handicap Series Winners


1978 F.O'Dwyer 1979 J. Crawford
1980 Don Johnson 1981 K. Hardaker
1982 Bill Pollock 1983 Colin Marr
1984 J. Rennes 1985 K. Hardaker
1986 K. Henley 1987 Stan Cousins
1988 John Chapman 1989 Barry Hall
1990 B. Ponsomby 1991 Peter Knott
1992 Peter Knott 1993 Steve Mitrecski
1994 Barry Hall 1995 Mike Limbrey
1996 Steve Mitrecski 1997 Conor Kiernan
1998 Greg McDonald 1999 Phil Harris
2000 Pat Arentz 2001 Sue Cooper
2002 Michele Borodzicz 2003 Terry Rouen
2004 Steve Arentz 2005 Ryan Hayes
2006 Warren Gibbons 2007 Scott Roberts 
2008 Michael Shanahan 2009 Michele Anson
2010 Kellie Wienert 2011 Peter Hickey
2012 Michele Borodzicz 2013 Peter Allen 
2014 Wayne Newton 2015

Irene Shanahan

Paul Kirton

2016 Peta Shanahan 2017 Scott Roberts
2018 Ricky Owen 2019 Emma Browne
2020 None (COVID) 2021 None (COVID)
2022 Clarisse Baker