Campbelltown Athletics Centre

Track Events

1000M and 3000M

Most weeks there are two events, the 1000M and the 3000M.

Depending on numbers there are usually two 1000M heats held.  In this case members who are aiming for a time of less than 5 minutes are encouraged to particpate in the 1st 1000M event.  Members expecting a time of 5 minutes or over are encouraged to particpate in the 2nd 1000M event.  The 3000M event is the last event of the evening. 


A handicapped elimination race is held once a month usuallly on the second Tuesday with a prize for the winner.  On these evenings there is only a single 1000M event, which can be used as a warm-up for the main elimination event.  The eliminator consists of a series of 5 races, where the slowest participants are eliminated.  The number of eliminations depends on the number of participants, so be sure to listen to the instructions at the start of the event.  The first race is 800M,  then 700M, 600M, 500M, then the final 6 competitors race over 400M from which the winner receives a prize.  Each participant is given a handicapped time, which they must reference against a chart of timings that are available at each start line.  There is no starting gun, each participant is responsible for starting off the clock at their handicapped time for each race they qualify for.  There is minimal rest time, usually not longer than two minutes between the end of a segment and the clock starting for the next segment.

5K Age Graded

An annual age graded 5K event is usually held early in the year.  The winner of this non-handicapped event is not usually the first across the line.  The winner is determined by the world track championship times against the age of the participants, with the results calculated as a percentile band of the participants performance as compared to world best times. The winners (male and female) are the finishers with the highest percentile result.

Junior Events

Juniors can participate in all our track events, but starting in 2023 we have also moved the Bradbury Bolt, and Bradbury Blitz junior events to the Track.  See our Juniors page for more details.

Track Etiquette

  • Events begin at 7:10pm sharp on Tuesday evenings. You are required to register for any event before the start of the 1000M event. We suggest you get there at least 20 minutes beforehand to allow plenty of registration time and a warm-up session on the track;
  • Only contactless payment is accepted, expect to pay around $3 per participant. This contribution goes towards paying for access to the facility, toilets and lighting;
  • When participating in a track event, stay as close to the inside of the track (lanes 1 and 2) as is safe until you finish;
  • When finishing and you are on the last 100 metres, move into lanes 3,4 and 5 to finish between the cones where you will be timed. You will not receive a time if you don't finish between the cones;
  • Warm up, cool down.  You are encouraged to do both warm-ups and cool downs, and when not in competion (like the Eliminator or Age Grade events), you are even welcome to pace your friends during their run.  However, DO NOT cross between the cones if you are not competing in an event;
  • During competitions (eg Eliminator, Age grade, etc) pacing is not allowed;
  • COVID safe event handling includes the issuing of disposable place cards which you do not need to hand to our place recorder volunteers, when your place is recorded you immediately deposit your place card in the bin provided;
  • As a condition of participation, members are expected to follow all mandated COVID procedures. If you feel unwell, DO NOT ATTEND.