Club Championship Rules

Club Championship Handicap series Rules

As amended and ratified by members at AGM 17-December-2017
1. Format

The Club Championship Handicap Series is conducted over nine 10km handicap races held monthly from February to October. Upon completion of the handicap series, the Club Champion will be determined as the eligible runner with the highest accumulated Club Championship points score based upon each runnersbest seven results (amended 14.12.08) during the series. The rules governing a runner’s eligibility and the allocation of championship points are defined below.

Eligible runners are allocated a handicap time at the discretion of the club handicappers who will use all the information at their disposal to determine a fair and equitable handicap for all runners.

The Handicap race dates are set down in the annual Run Calendar, but where possible are scheduled for the fourth Sunday of each month.

The handicap races will alternate between staggered starts, based upon the allocated handicap times, and mass starts, where all runners start at the same time. In a staggered start race, the handicap finishing positions are largely determined by the runner’s across-the-line position, subject to eligibility corrections. In a mass start race, the handicap allowance is calculated into the handicap results at the completion of the race.

2. Definition of Eligible Runner

There are two criteria which determine a runners eligibility to compete in the Club Championship Handicap Series. The eligibility criteria are: financial status in the club; and qualification times recorded in CJC Handicap races – either 5km, 10km, or 16km (amended 14.12.08) to allow the handicappers to assess relative performance and allocate a handicap time.

To be awarded Club Championship points for a Handicap Race a runner must have paid their Annual Membership Fees before the race. Therefore, to be eligible for the maximum points on offer in a season a runner should have paid their Club Fees before the first Handicap in February.

Qualification times are required to be set by new members to the club, and by existing members whoseeligibility has lapsed. Runners posting qualification times must race to the best of their ability at the time to permit an accurate assessment of their performance level. New members are required to post two (2) qualification times in CJC Handicap races within a 12 month period (amended 14.12.08). 
Existing members whose eligibility has lapsed by missing five (5) or more consecutive Handicaps are required to post one (1) re-qualification time (amended 14.12.08).

3. Club Championship Points.

At the completion of each race, eligible runners are awarded Club Championship points according to their finishing position in the race according to the following scale:













and so on, one point less per position (amended 12.04.10, then updated again to a 100 point scale starting season 2023).

The minimum points allocated to an eligible runner who completes the course in a handicap race is 5 points.

4. Staggered Start Races - Starts 

Each runner’s handicap time and start time will be posted well before the start of the handicap race. It is the responsibility of each runner to register with the handicappers before the run and be informed of their handicap and start time.

The handicap race time will be displayed by a race digital clock.

The handicappers will announce very audibly a 5 minute pre-race start warning. The handicappers will subsequently announce very audibly the start of the handicap race. Each runner must assemble at the start line and commence the race at their start time.

Any early breaks, i.e. a runner starting before their allocated start time, will incur time penalties at the discretion of the handicappers. It is again stressed that it is the responsibility of each runner to be aware of their start time and the actual time at hand on the race digital clock.

5. General Rules

Each runner must run in accordance with the Transport for NSW road rules, not impede traffic, and be aware of pedestrians and their own safety.

Each runner when exiting Bradbury Oval carpark must cross as soon as possible and run facing the traffic up The Parkway.

Runners must run along the left hand side of St Johns Road and cross as close as possible to the Briar Road Roundabout. When turning off Riverside Drive onto Briar Road, runners must use the pedestrian bridge. 

Runners must be facing traffic down The Parkway to finish. Zigzagging across roads is prohibited.

If a runner upon reviewing their allocated handicap time believes that they can beat that time with relative ease, then they are morally obligated to inform the handicappers of this so that their time can be re-assessed.

Pacing is not permitted in Championship races.

Time penalties may be incurred if these rules are not adhered to.

Cost    Adults - $2.00 per handicap race