Handicap Volunteers

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⚜ Chart of Glory ⚜

Also known as the "Scroll of Glory"

Sunday 25th February 2024 - 10K Handicap

Position Primary Backup
Check-in desk/finish order recording/ Square setup Sylvia O, Tina W  
Timekeeper (using the parkrun app on your phone) Tony P  
Setup (tables /square /organise finish tokens /morning tea) Irene S  
Systems results technician Sylvia O, Tina W John M
Start list marshal (Staggered starts only) Bob P Deb S
On course hazard marshal - Mass Starts Only - marshal crossing the Parkway N/A  
Turn-around Marshals N/A  
Bicycle Marshals  Jon P, Mike L, David F  
Finish tokens Bob P Deb S
Photographer, camera provided Jo T  
Course Sweeper - Let's bring them home. Fifi G  
Packup (tables /square /barcodes /morning tea) Irene S, Tina W  
Junior Cross  Country co-ordinator and all round superstar N/A  
Junior Cross Country start marshal N/A  
Junior Cross Country timekeeper (using the parkrun app on your phone)  N/A  
Junior Cross Country finish tokens N/A  
Junior Cross Country finish order recording N/A  
Junior Cross Country Photographer N/A  


If you would like to help, or alternatively need to be wiped from the Chart of Glory 👉 DM us  or 👉 email us with the details.

The CJC Handicap events run so smoothly because, besides the best joggers in the world, we are also blessed with the best and smartest volunteers in the world.  These volunteer positions are aspirational and not meant to box you in.  They are meant to be fluid and self-healing.  If you see something that needs to be done, please step in and do it regardless of this roster.  


As Captain Barbossa says, they're not rules, they're more like "guidelines".