Walking Group

Campbelltown Joggers Club Walking Group


Campbelltown Joggers Club also caters for walkers, so if you do not like the thought of pounding hard surfaces or turf while running but still would like to get out there and enjoy some great company while exercising then this is for you!

To give you a brief history about 10 years ago lady named Margaret Knott was instrumental in introducing a walking group within the club. Initially comprising of the wives of runners, this group has diversified in composition enormously. On Sundays the group follows the set running route of the runners, but overall accomplishes a slightly shortened distance for the morning.

It is a social walk, you can take it serious but you will find yourself very alone when people start disappearing from view! The distances range from about 5k to 8k, all walkers leave from Bradbury Oval at 7:15am rain, hail or shine.

What do I take?

Well brollies are optional as are hats, sunnies, sun block and BYO drink water bottle and butter scotch lollies! The idea is for you to be comfortable (so good pair of either walking shoes or runners).

Where will I walk to?

While exercising and enjoying the scenery, chatting in the old fashion communication style, fresh air, the architecture and the odd graffiti challenged art work but mainly enjoy what the Campbelltown area has to offer for both walkers and runners. Most areas that we cover are Minto, Bradbury, Bradbury Hills, Raby and Ambarvale.

Are the walks safe?

All the designated walks are very safe, all using allocated footpaths and parks.

Do I get fit from Walking?

Absolutely some of our walkers get so fit that they decide to enter more serious walks, these include the Manly to Spit walk, Bronte to Bondi walk, MS Society Charity Walk, Parramatta Heritage Walk 8k, Seven Bridges Walk 12k just to name a few and our very own Mt Annan Challenge Walk in which the Joggers Club assist with the organising.

What if I am injured?

If you are a runner and find yourself injured or are recuperating from broken bones, shin splints, ankle injuries even then this is for you.

Just remember that if you join us every Sunday you will be enjoying the company of likeminded people with the idea of getting just that little bit fitter and socialising afterwards with a great cup of tea. Hope to see at Bradbury Oval!!


Written by Veronica Andujar 2009.