CJC Sutherland to Surf Bus 2023 - Expression of Interest

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Bus for the

(Expression of interest)

Important: this is NOT for the City2Surf, we have a separate bus event for the 👉C2S bus with actual tickets for sale.

What is the Sutherland2Surf ???

The Sutherland2Surf is a fun easy 11KM from Sutherland to Cronulla/Wanda Beach.

It would be even funner if you didn't have to worry about getting there, finding a parking spot, then figuring out how to get back to your car after your run.

CJC is all about funness, so to maximise the fun bit and minimise the unfun bit we're pondering a CJC bus ride in and back.

If we get sufficient interest we will proceed with an actual bus and actual price.

Details below:

  • Pick up from Bradbury Park at 5:45am;
  • Drop off participants at Sutherland for start. All participants must use Bag Drop for their gear;
  • Meet at Wanda for brekky (not included) with your running buddies;
  • Hop on the bus from Wanda for return trip to Bradbury at 12:00pm;

Note: we are restricting seat reservations to CJC Financial Members only.  Any questions/suggestions please let me know!

Find out more details about the actual event on their website:

Bus ticket price projections

(Note: this does not include the entry fee of the event itself)

If numbers are close to the following:

> 12 attendees ~$ TBA

28 attendees: ~$50 (small bus - minumum price if bus is full)

50 attendees: ~$30 (big bus - minimum price if bus is full)