2024 Season Pass - 10K Handicaps


Thu 01 Feb 2024 00:00 — Sun 27 Oct 2024 00:00

Event information

Registration for this event closes at Thu 31 Oct 2024 23:45.

How annoying... 

...having to wait in line to pay for your Handicap entry each month!

Well now you don't have to!

With a 10K Handicap season pass you can spend more of your valuable time warming up for the event, or sleeping in a bit longer - whatever works best for you.  You'll never have to bring another pay-ready device or credit card along again!

Continuing in 2024 you can purchase an all-season pass!  This also benefits our volunteers by removing a significant overhead in reconciling the books, so thank you for your thoughtfulness 🙂.


You still have to register for individual events, you just won't have to pay for them, again.

💵 Buy early and save more! 💲💰

The sooner you purchase the more value you'll get! 

If you buy at the start of the season you'll get one handicap for free!

But there are no downsides really. If you wait a month, you'll get even value, and if you wait even longer you'll be making a welcome donation to the club! You'll feel good and everyone's a winner!