CJC City to Surf Bus 2024

Event information

Registration for this event closes at Fri 09 Aug 2024 22:00.

The 🏙 C2S 🌊 Bus 🚌 is on again! Details below:

  • Pick up from Bradbury Park at 5:30am;
  • Drop off participants at Hyde Park for Start. All participants must use Bag Drop for their gear;
  • Meet at Bondi for a post run debrief (you provide the debrief);
  • Gather somewhere at Bondi for the return trip to Bradbury at 2:00pm. You have the option to use public transport home if you'd like to leave earlier (just let us know);
  • Non-members $45 and includes a rest-of-year membership!
    (available soon!)

After Event Lunch: Nope. The organisers of City2Surf (Ironman Australia) have permanently disbanded the "Community Clubs Area" in favour of corporate marquees and fund raising organisations. Read into that what you will, but we noticed that the area was unused last year. Anyway there is no possibility ever again of having a lunch or massage after C2S. We'll direct our efforts at more community-friendly events from here on in! Enjoy your memories...

Where to meet at Bondi for the bus home
Not really sure, we're not even allowed to have a flag so I guess we'll try meeting somewhere behind the pavilion like we have in recent years, weather permitting.