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Sunday 2nd June 2024

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Position Super Awesome Helpers
Pre-run setup – we’ll be setting up our Marquee and some sponsor marquees from 6:00am Sylvia O, David F, Andrew G
Driveway marshals in Hi-Vis at the carpark entry to manage traffic (and suggest alternate parking areas if needed). We'll have a CJC flag on the driveway, and maybe a SMRC flag if we can. Paul K, Emma K
Refreshments organisers – we’ll need a crack-team of water boilers and bikkie/treat suppliers Irene S, Cheryl B, Jenny L
Sponsor organisers – help look after our sponsors and keep them happy. Be very chatty! Sylvia O, David F, Tina W
Pre-run orange cone droppers Stephen P, Andrew G
Wave organisers (can be participants if they want to run in the last wave)
Will need some fast runners allocated to each wave - ie 5min pace minimum to stick with the visitor leaders.
Ben J, Rod W, Angela Y
Course Briefers - help explain the route to visitors Steve O
Halfway drinks/gels giver-outerers - multiple helpers needed.  We'll allocate a CJC flag for the turn-around Bob Prentice,  Tessa G, Deb S
Bicycle marshals, many desired Jon B, Jon P, Denis S
Course marshal - stand at key points to direct runners Mike L, Kylie J
Photographer, camera provided or bring your own Joanna T, Tania C
Tail runners, or Cyclists Tania C, Peter O
Post-run clean-up – gathering our cones and cleaning up any rubbish Andrew A
Awesome CJC ambassador runners – (that’s everyone else) to run with our visitors so they don’t get lost Everyone else!
Post event pack-up Janeda O, Jenny L
Panic attack specialist (headquartered in the foetal position under a table somewhere) - 1 vacancy only James B


If you would like to help, 👉 DM us  or 👉 email us with the details.

Let's show our SMRC visitors just how awesome our club is.  It's easy, because we already are! As usual, these volunteer positions are aspirational and not meant to box you in, they are meant to be fluid and self-healing.  We will need multiple people for each role.  If you see something that needs to be done, please step in and do it regardless of this roster.  


As Captain Barbossa says, they're not rules, they're more like "guidelines".