Sydney Marathon Run Club is coming to town...

Published Fri 24 May 2024

The Sydney Marathon Run Club is coming to Campbelltown!

It's not long until September, when the best Marathon In-The-World takes off, and if you haven't registered yet... 

Well too bad, it's full.


But wait! 🥲

You can still have a run with the Sydney Marathon Run Club right here in Campbelltown with the Campbelltown Joggers Club! 


If you're NOT a member of the Campbelltown Joggers Club, all you need to do is

👉Register Here

That's right! Register at the above Race Roster link to secure YOUR PLACE for a run with the Sydney Marathon Run Club, and the Campbelltown Joggers of course, on the 2nd of June, 2024! (you must be over 16 years)

Already a Campbelltown Joggers member?

You don't need to register, just show up! Ain't life grand!

Where does it start?

📌 Here 

We will be running from the Campbelltown Joggers Clubhouse at Bradbury Park, right opposite the shiny new "Billabong" that the council built specially to celebrate this occasion! Thanks Council! And you'll get to park in the newest and cleanest carpark in the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area too!

It's not just a great run with the SMRC, we'll have sponsors including:

  • LSKD
  • The Healthy Body Company physiotherapists
  • Revvies
  • The Macarthur Grind for a great coffee!

And it's just a short trip up The Parkway for a scrumptious breakfast at The Parkway Perk Cafe at Bradbury Shopping Centre.

What's the run?

A lovely undulating 16KM (10 mile) course starting with a pleasant meander up a tiny hill, out along a semi-rural road lined with grand-old gum trees filled to the tops with the cutest koalas (they're definitely there, but there's a tiny chance you could miss them if you're a good runner).

Here's 📌 a map.  It's to Kentlyn and back. 

You can download a GPX file to load into your watch. Or just follow the trail of cones, or the loads of Campbelltown Joggers so you don't get lost.

We'll have course marshals and bicycle marshals to help you on your way, and there'll be a drinks station at the turn-around (8KM in).

REMINDER: This run utilises public roads. When running, observe NSW road rules. All care should be taken when crossing roads, and always give-way to traffic no matter who's right-of-way it is. Be respectful of other road/path users and local residents.

What time?

We'll have 4 waves of starters from 7:00am, the last wave departs at 7:30am. And we'll have pacers to suit your desired pace in every wave so it doesn't matter what wave you start in.

🌧️ What if if rains?

🙄 What are the chances...  But that's OK. The course is over mostly high ground and doesn't cross any causeways, but there may be a puddle or two. Most people aren't made of sugar, including you, so you probably won't dissolve. There'll be plenty of Campbelltown Joggers there enjoying their soggy shoes and your company too as we splish-splash along! 

🚻 There is a change room available if needed, so bring a towel and spare set of dry clothes to change into after the run - just in case!


Looking forward to seeing you there!